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Marc RentonMarc Renton leads a double life. During the day he is an animation student. After his day routine he is a Drum & Bass producer.

Born in Frankfurt/Oder in the eastern part of Germany in 1986, he still was able to get some impressions of the former communism that lead the society. Soon he and his family moved to Freiburg/Breisgau, where he grew up.

Keyboard-lessons that he attended at the age of five years helped to support his interest in music. There was also the Techno-Hype from the early 1990s that was supported by a lot of Germany’s radio-stations as well as the influence of his parent’s taste of music.

At the age of twelve he and his family moved to Villach, Austria. The lack of an urban environment did not stop his development, but he continued to extend his horizon using upcoming Internet-platforms. Napster and other MP3-file sharing services helped to develop his taste in music rapidly. The sort of music that you might consume started to be independent from the local record-store. He was able to listen to complete DJ-sets, that he could not buy to that time. All that happened at an age where he was not allowed to go to music clubs.

Primary influences were the Trance-genre at that time, Radio-1’s Essential Mixes, Paul van Dyk & Sasha, but also Electronica like Underworld or The Future Sound of London. Drum & Bass started to be a defining genre because its rhythms could be combined with a huge number of music-styles.

After school he started his studies in Graz/Austria, where you can find a small Drum & Bass-community. Campus parties and regular Drum & Bass-gigs in several clubs in Austria with his DJ-collective “Black Gold” helped to buy turntables and studio-gear. His interest in producing music was always bigger than being a regular DJ what could not stop him from the impulse to share music. Meanwhile patterns of music-consumption changed from Vinyl, MCs & CDs to MP3 and streaming-services like Youtube, a circumstance that Marc Renton already was familiar with.

Up to now he also moved to Ingolstadt/Germany and continued his studies in Lucerne/Switzerland. New environments always increased his perception and changed ways how he sees life.


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