Marc Renton

Deep & atmospheric Drumfunk – handcrafted in Munich


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Marc Renton - Drum Army

Deep & Atmospheric Drum’n’Bass to Ambient Electronica – handcrafted in Munich.

Marc Renton leads a double life. During the day he works in a IT company. However, anytime in between, all surroundings are transformed into audio-visual ideas that shall make us aware of the border to the known.

Born in eastern Germany in 1986, he moved around quite a lot within Austria (Vienna, Graz, Villach), Switzerland (Lucerne) and Germany (Freiburg, Munich) and even on the Philippines. New environments always increased his perception and changed ways how he sees life.

Life is too short for hearing known sounds again and again. Sparetime shall be enriched by border-cutting ambient-spheres and intelligent designed Drumfunk.

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