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Listening Habbits

Listening Habbits

January 26, 2012 by Marc Renton in Thoughts with 0 Comments

Two months ago I was in Vienna while Spotify made their service available in Austria and Switzerland. Firstly I installed the desktop-software and was amazed that it imported my iTunes-playlists, so that I could continue with my listening habits. But I went back to iTunes and still stick to it.

Why? I believe that the future belongs to music-streaming services like Spotify and MP3-downloads will die out. Go to the next Mc Donald’s and take care of all these Teenagers that  use their Androids and iPhones to listen to music on Youtube. Or maybe you are sitting in front of your computer in your office and even use similar streaming techniques. Even I upload my music on Youtube and Vimeo, so I can expand my target audience. But for myself, my current system works better how it is.

Often Youtube doesn’t offer Hifi-qualitiy, that we are used to. Of course, most people don’t really care about Hifi, maybe I’m a part of a minority, but currently, the biggest advantage of MP3-stores is their promise to provide high-quality audiofiles.

Also I’m a big fan of Shazam and I often I find myself ‘shazaming’ tracks while being in a pub or somewhere else. I invest a lot time in discovering new music. But the process of getting shazamed songs into my iTunes is not easy. All these tools grow together. In Shazam for example I could open the song in Youtube, where I can add it to any of my playlists. Maybe the comfort will once outbalance my old system. That’s something that I also support by providing my monthly playlists that are collections of hifi-only songs.

I think it’s one of my tasks to provide you new music, just as a regular DJ does. Personally I am using a kind of oldschool-~40Gig MP3 Library for myself, but I want to use new channels to provide my music-selection. Then you can sit somewhere, like in McDonald’s or on your computer and check my playlists ; )

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