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My Eurodance Rave-Classics

My Eurodance Rave-Classics

August 18, 2011 by Marc Renton in Recommendations with 2 Comments

Ok guys, with this posting I’m outing myself. (As a child) I used to listen to these Eurodance Rave-classics the whole time. I was sitting in front of my father’s cassette-recorder and recorded everything that was fast enough for me from MTV and N-Joy Radio. That’s ok, it really had an influence on my music taste 😉

Now I recovered my old cassettes, caught the next cassette-deck I could find (it was a Walkman!!), recorded all cassettes to my computer and used Shazam on my Phone to get all names of these wonderful classics.

Have a look:

DJ Hooligan – Rave Nation

This nation is a Rave-nation. Just let it flow. 15 years later nobody wants to know anything from that Rave-nation, but the track is still ravy 😉


Raver’s Nature – Somebody Scream

Mate, I found this one in really terrific condition on my tapes. As a child I didn’t care about correct amplifying. Best Amen-Break use in a Rave-track If you ask me.


Das Modul – Computerliebe

This Rave-cover from Paso Doble even could be found on big samplers.


Dune – Can’t stop Raving

WTF is there a fish in a small glass in the beginning? Is the whole video made out of 3 or 4 camera-views? Doesn’t matter, as a child I love this slightly pitched voice and I think their singer 😉


Jam & Spoon – Right in the Night
Another classic. Too bad, Mark Spoon died some years ago, so there won’t be any new Jam & Spoon tracks. Their songs always had big influence on the future development of trance-style music.


Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka – Angel (Ladadi O-Heyo)

2 Unlimited – No Limit

Haha, a classic, everyone should know it. There’s not much to say about it. Only one thing: Back in 2008 we had a Aerobic-theme party at the FH Joanneum. I did the party-DJing and there were aerobic-lessons at midnight for ten minutes or so. After that, the announcer asked for music again and I already had this track in position. Then I just remember all 300 people jumping to this classic, together with me and my friend Andy on the stage. I will not forget that moment.


Snap – Exterminate


Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, The Secret

Splash – One more dream



But know I have to ask you something. Does ANYBODY know this song? Shazam couldn’t find it after recording it twenty times or so. Please let me know, I want to send this to my sister, but I don’t know the Track-ID 😉


Did I miss anything? Let me know!


  1. MichelApril 27, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Suspicious – Love Waves (Marusha Mix) is what you are searching for @ (Track-ID)

    • Marc RentonMay 1, 2012 at 12:17 amAuthor

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was looking for that for years : D

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