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Some thoughts about Chillwave and Drum & Bass

Some thoughts about Chillwave and Drum & Bass

February 19, 2012 by Marc Renton in Thoughts with 0 Comments

I started releasing Chillwave, Electronica & Shoegaze-songs half a year ago, because I do not want to strict myself to the Drum & Bass genre. In context of Chillwave & Electronica, other forms of musical expressions are possible. As a result, I want to use different genres for different stuff I want to express. Using the Electronica genre, I try to use new Chord-progressions and new songwriting techniques. Drum & Bass also is a genre that I respect for its versatile possibilities of expression.

In Drum & Bass I see myself on a level where I am able to place all elements in a frequency spectrum, like a painter does with his knowledge of colors. In Electronica, I am not at that level of production skills, but they are rising from release to release. Sometimes people treat my mix downs as muddy and Lo-fi. At the moment I do not care so much about that Hi-fi-sound I proclaim in Drum & Bass.

In Drum & Bass I use a lot of production techniques and routines that I don’t use in Electronica. As a result, currently I feel a little bit more free and I feel like that I can’t get stuck into that vinyl-rill of all day-routine, where I could get in one day. I want to keep my mind open.

One day, influences of my electronica tracks and the one from y drum & bass tracks won’t be so big. They already started to influence vice versa

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