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Video: Dark Dub Drum & Bass-recording session

Video: Dark Dub Drum & Bass-recording session

February 21, 2023 by Marc Renton in Videos with 0 Comments

How the sound was produced:

  1. Arturia Minibrute 2 for the main chord sound (2 OSCs)
  2. Adding harmonics via the TC Electronic Quintessence
  3. Running that sound through the Alesis Quadraverb
  4. Piping the result through the Alesis 3630 compressor for the pumping-effect
  5. going into the @WeAreElektron #machinedrum
  6. Adding Kiickädrum via the Machinedrum as well as sending a ducking-signal to the 3630
  7. Recording the Machinedrum’s output. Bass: Reaktor TRK01 Pads: Roland JP8000

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