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Video: #LofiMusic #drumandbass for the Masses: Lo-Fi Compilation Pt.1

Video: #LofiMusic #drumandbass for the Masses: Lo-Fi Compilation Pt.1

December 14, 2022 by Marc Renton in Tracks, Videos with 0 Comments

Sick of head-banging Jump Up-bangers?
It’s 2am and you’ve switched on cruise-control?
You need to finish your code and focus on passing all the unit-tests?
You’re about to finalise your report for the tax office and have to focus on the last mile?
Sitting in @starbucks and trying to work on your #bachelor thesis?
Being in the #gym and practising your #workout ?

These and for at least 42 other situations, my EP shall provide you the proper sound track. Give me me feedback about my #lofi #lofibeats #lofimusic #drumandbass music! I’d be glad to get some response and continue that rabbit-hole!

00:00 Motivation & Concept
02:32 lo-fi_1.1(futura)
04:07 lo-fi_1.2(64pads)
05:43 lo-fi_1.4(sector)

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